Grow your IG by interacting with millions of stories

Once connected to our app, your IG account will automatically interact and vote on thousands of stories per day (including polls & quizzes). It can result in up to 5000 active followers per month!

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Mass stories voting? What is it?

A brand new technology

Mass voting of Instagram stories is a completely new technology enabling to appear in the list of millions of users who posted stories.

When a user notices your profile in their viewer list, she/he becomes curious and visits your Instagram, interacts with your posts and becomes your reader. If he/she likes your profile, you get a new real follower. That's why this technique works incredibly well for high quality IG profiles.

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How MassInsta works?

⤳ STEP 1

Create your MassInsta account (1 day free trial included) and add your IG account on it.

⤳ STEP 2

Click on the "Massvoting" icon and select your target list. Your Insta will vote on stories of the followers of these accounts. So please enter large target accounts (from 1 million followers).

⤳ STEP 3

Start the tool. Our robot will start interacting with approximately 30.000 stories per day.

MassInsta is full of features!

Mass Stories voting

Automatically interact with 30.000 stories per day that may skyrocket your IG profile with massive profile impressions & real active followers.
Giveaways tool

Automatically create a sweepstakes among the users who comment on a post on your IG or those who like it or tag a friend, etc... autopost
Image editor

For editing images, we like to use Photoshop, but sometimes you just need to make little fixes. For this fast in-built editing we integrated an image editor in MassInsta.

Schedule & Auto Publish

Upload your pictures/videos & plan a month of posts/stories on the calendar. They will automatically be published to IG at the scheduled time.

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Affiliate program

Invite your friends and earn 30% from EACH of their replenishment - this is simply unbelievable. Look for customers and make their own margins.

Massinsta caption
Caption manager

Create your list of captions in advance and save them. When publishing a new post, simply click on the caption you need and it will be added to the post.

Massinsta feed
Manage your feed

We have added a way to manage your feed inside your MassInsta account such as reposting any media/story with one click, view your own feed, etc... cloud
Completely cloudy

Our robot is running 24/7, even if you shut-down your computer. You don't need to install anything. Everything is totally in the cloud on our servers.

Relevant prices for you

11.99 USD/per month
One account
Annual Price: 79.00 USD
You save 64.88 USD
Run 1 IG account
Dedicated proxy included (what is it?)
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29.99 USD/per month
Up to 5 accounts
Annual Price: 199.00 USD
You save 160.88 USD
Run Up to 5 IG accounts
Dedicated proxy included (what is it?)
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99.99 USD/per month
Up to 20 accounts
Annual Price: 429.00 USD
You save 770.88 USD
Run Up to 20 IG accounts
Dedicated proxy included (what is it?)
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